New Covid-19 outbreak cramps Vietnamese showbiz again

Live shows and film premieres are being postponed or canceled as the latest Covid-19 outbreak puts Vietnamese showbiz on the back foot again.

“It took us a whole month to prepare the best songs for our audience, many of them newly composed. The stage and musicians were all ready, singers had also arrived…” said Nguyen Thuy Duong, producer of the “Khoanh Khac” (Moment) music show, which was supposed to take place on January 28.

“…but everything had to stop and we have to wait until we have another suitable occasion. This is a public responsibility,” Duong said.

Several entertainment events are being deferred or canceled after a record number of new Covid-19 patients were confirmed in one single day on January 28.

Vietnam’s streak of no Covid-19 community transmission cases for nearly two months was broken on January 28 in a big way with 366 cases confirmed in the country.

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